mushroom-cup-original-production-by-rumajamur-jamur cup

Oyster mushrooms are  delicious edible that can lower cholesterol and stimulate the immune system. They’re also one of the easiest mushrooms to grow.

Making oyster mushroom cultivation is a great family activity. Its a fun science experiment, one that can give both kids and adults a better understanding of the mushroom life cycle.

This kit from Mushroom Cup uses an organic substrate, produces multiple delicious crops, and very easy to use. Our mushroom kits let you grow mushrooms at home over 6 to 8 weeks. Just spray with water every day and wait for the mushrooms to grow. The first crop of mushrooms is generally ready to pick about 2 weeks.

Remember to read the directions carefully and watch your humidity levels

Mushroom Cup

available in 3 varians :  White Oyster Mushroom, Brown Oyster Mushroom, and Pink Oyster Mushroom

Price :  idr  20.000 / Cup


Phone : 08122199811

Email :

Office Address : No 45 Ibu Ganirah Street, Cibeber, Cimahi 40531  West Java, Indonesia

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