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Mushroom Cultivation and Harvesting

Mushroom Cultivation and Harvesting

Mushroom cultivation is a technical process. As mushroom professionals often talk in a technical language, a few of these terms will first be explained :

Mycelium – the fungal threads (comparable to plant roots) that sprout the mushrooms.

Spores – miniscule mushroom ‘seeds’ that are kept safe in the brown gills under the cap of the mushroom (almost impossible to see with the naked eye).

Grain spawn – sterile grain inoculated with mushroom spores. The mycelium sprouts from the spores and retrieves food from the grain.

Compost – a mixture of horse manure, straw, gypsum and chicken manure.

Permeated compost – compost that has been mixed with grain spawn. The mycelium permeates the compost. The grower creates the perfect conditions under which the mycelium will start sprouting mushrooms.

Casing – a layer of peat covering the compost to regulate the humidity of the compost. The peat is often mixed with foam soil (spent lime), a by-product of the sugar industry.

Flush – a cropping cycle of mushrooms, from the moment they pop their heads above the casing.


jamur kancing

Budidaya Jamur Kancing (2)

Budidaya Jamur Kancing

budidaya jamur kancing.jenis jenis jamur.agaricus bisporus.jamur kancing.champignon.rumajamur.organiganesha.rial aditya

Budidaya jamur kancing memiliki tahapan menyerupai budidaya jamur merang. Setelah proses fermentasi media selesai selanjutnya dilakukan tahapan tahapan berikut yaitu sterilisasi media, inokulasi bibit, inkubasi serta pemanenan.

2. Sterilisasi

Setelah tahap pengomposan selesai selanjutnya dilakukan sterilisasi di dalam ruang khusus atau kumbung yang tertutup rapat. Sterilisasi dilakukan dengan mengalirkan uap air panas selama 4-8 jam dengan suhu antara 60-70°C. Selanjutnya, suhu dipertahankan pada angka 40-50°C selama 12-24 jam. Selengkapnya

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Budidaya Jamur Kancing (1)

budidaya jamur kancing champignon agaricus bisporus bibit jamur kancing

Budidaya Jamur Kancing

Budidaya jamur kancing memiliki tahapan yang hampir sama dengan jamur kompos lainnya seperti jamur merang. Dimulai dengan pengomposan media, sterilisasi media, inokulasi/penanaman bibit, inkubasi dan pemanenan.

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